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Internal Strength & Awareness Practices

Internal Strength & Awareness Practices were developed as a direct means to balance and fully awaken everything inside the body, maximising your energy.

This course allows you to align, balance and integrate the body so that it can fully relax and naturally open when sitting, standing or moving, like a baby.

They do this by enabling you to “let go” of patterns of tension, held deep in the nervous system, which imbalance the body, whilst gently encouraging the body to re-align, stabilize and rediscover its natural buoyancy. This steadily relaxes the nervous system and mind and opens the flow of fluids and energy in the body, ridding you of the usual aches and tensions, and creating a body that feels comfortable, balanced, and strong.

The process becomes progressively deeper over time. You are shown how to feel more and more deeply inside your body, right down to the organs, joints and spine, which enables you to release the tension in, re-align and open the deepest areas of your body.

This can have great benefits for chronic conditions, allowing the body to become ever more deeply balanced, relaxed and open, and greatly develops the body's energy. At this level, “Internal Strength & Awareness Practices” is the primary technique in the internal arts (including the internal martial arts) for developing your energy, power and strength, on the basis of balance and relaxation. It develops those “missing ingredients” usually found only in natural athletes.

This practice is particularly beneficial if:

  • You suffer from chronic conditions and / or low energy
  • You really want to supercharge your energy, strength and performance for sports, dance, martial arts or any other reason;
  • You suffer from hip, knee or ankle problems or back problems
  • You wish to strengthen and integrate the core of your body, including the spine
  • You want to learn T'ai Chi or any internal martial art
  • You have an interest in seeing how far the Internal Arts might take you;
  • You want to extend the work you’re doing on releasing your nervous system and stilling your mind that you have begun with Whole Body Breathing into standing and moving practises

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